These are just some alternate (easier to read) fonts for use with Exult and I guess with the original in dosbox for Ultima VII: The Black Gate and Serpent Isle.

These were made by Ken Kato, and originally posted on the Exult forums.

Theres also a ES (Spanish/Castilian) language fonts archive that I have never used/tested but for posterity's sake, here it is: These were created by L@Zar0 and posted in the same thread above.

This is what it looks like in DOSBox (stolen from internet):

Also here are the original posts or whatever I guess:

Author: Ken Kato (
Date:   06-10-08 00:58


It seems that I'm not the only one to find U7's old-fashioned
font style somewhat difficult to read on screen.
So I created an alternate FONTS.VGA with very simple font style.
Just replace the one in STATIC subdirectory of your U7 install
directory with this one.

Works both with Exult and DosBox.
I'm not sure if it works for Serpent Isle, though.



Author: Ken Kato (
Date:   06-10-08 05:30

OK, it turned out that Serpent Isle's FONTS.VGA has a few extra font sets
so I created one for SI. Perhaps this one works for both BG and SI since
BG would simply ignore extra font sets in the file.

Note that fonts in this file are used in the actual game, not in the
introduction or ending scenes.

To Diego,
I could add generic Western European characters to the file,
however I'm not sure if simply adding those extra characters would do
the trick since I only have English version of U7.
Maybe if you could share your FONTS.VGA file with me...?


Author: L@Zar0 (---.localdomain)
Date:   03-28-09 01:14

Well, here is the FONTS.VGA, for the ES (Spanish/Castilian) language.
Based on the Alternate font, not the original font from the game:

It contains the Conversion table and which chars/frames are
implemented on the shapes.

Maybe it needs more testing, but the two or three things I've tested,
had been working very well.

Enjoy it or use it as you want.